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In Vet Vida Castelldefels we offer you the largest range of services in the sector. In our facilities, designed by and for your pet.

24H Emergency

Emergency service at all hours where the clinic is closed and we will go to the center to take care of your pets. Tel: 640.924.345

Surgery - Castration without bleeding

We have the latest technology in monitoring and anesthesia. Our top priority is that our patients have the greatest safety during the surgeries to which they must undergo. In VetVida, in addition, we perform the castration intervention without bleeding.

Home Service

We do not want mobility to be a problem, so all our services can be done at home (veterinarian, emergency, transfer of patients to the center, training and hairdressing).

24H Feline Hospitalization

Cats have different needs than dogs and their level of stress during medical procedures is higher, so we have a separate hospitalization only for them. In this way, their recovery is faster and better.

Cat Friendly Zone

We want to give our cats the importance they have. We have enabled an area just for them, waiting room and feline consultation where to reduce noise and stress along with feline pheromones.

Veterinary Visits

Extensive schedule for check-ups, vaccinations, chips, documentation, deworming, analytics, surgeries, ultrasound services, radiodiagnosis service and hospitalization.

24H Canine Hospitalization

We have a canine hospitalization service with extra large, small cages and incubators for those patients who require intravenous treatments or therapies and have the best possible comfort with the best care.

Dog Grooming

Our canine stylist will perform the cutting, washing and hygiene of your pet that it requires according to its breed, type of hair and whether or not it has dermatological problems. Ask us without obligation!


Is washing them at home complicated? Do not worry, in our center we provide you with suitable shampoo, combs, towel, professional hair dryer and our magnificent hairdresser so that they come out clean.

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