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Mia’s Otitis

🐶Today we tell you about Mia’s problem and how it can complicate an OTITIS⚡️👂🏼 🏥Mia came to Vet Vida a few days ago with a lot of discomfort in the ears

Shunt and Baby

Today we tell you the story of Baby. 🐶 A puppy of just 6 months that was diagnosed in our SHUNT center. What is the shunt? . 👉🏼This is a birth malformation that causes the liver

Piometra and Ayla

Today we tell you the story of Ayla. 🤒 This beautiful 1.8kg yorkshire toy came with her owner very worried because she was more decayed and feverish. 👩🏻‍⚕️Analytics and ultrasounds were performed where PIOMETRA (matrix infection)

Emergency with Lola

Today Lola tells us about her little accident. 🆘📞 The owners called us on Sunday morning at the emergency telephone number because they kept bleeding from the mouth and was losing

Sterilization to Nina

🏥In Vet Vida today we have sterilized 4 dogs by laparoscopy, something we do very frequently, but we want to highlight Nina, a yorkshire toy weighing only 1 KILO. 😱 👩🏻‍⚕️ Many

Belyy stomach surgery

Today we tell you the story of Belyy. This beautiful Samoyed came because little by little he stopped eating, had episodes of vomiting and was more decayed than normal. 🤮🤕 🔬 We performed diagnostic tests where

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