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Emergency with Lola

Today Lola tells us about her little accident.

🆘📞 The owners called us on Sunday morning at the emergency telephone number because they kept bleeding from the mouth and was losing a lot of blood. 🤕

➡️ We had to anesthetize her to open her mouth, since she had a lot of pain and didn’t let us explore her.

uestra️Our surprise was that THE LANGUAGE AND several blood vessels that irrigated it had been torn apart👅 😰
➡️ 🏥 We operated it and rebuilt its tongue, causing it to stop bleeding and return to normal eating and drinking. .
➡️🐶Today has come to your review to show us how well it heals and its magnificent evolution. 💪🏼
➡️ 🍖 Its owners suspect that the tongue was sectioned with a leather bone, so Lola and its owners recommend us all that whenever we give bones or other toys it is under SUPERVISION. 🤓

👏🏼 Bravo for how well Lola has behaved and how well her owners have taken care of her 👏🏼

👩🏻‍⚕️We are delighted to help you solve accidents like that. 👩🏻‍⚕️

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