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Piometra and Ayla

Today we tell you the story of Ayla.

🤒 This beautiful 1.8kg yorkshire toy came with her owner very worried because she was more decayed and feverish.

👩🏻‍⚕️Analytics and ultrasounds were performed where PIOMETRA (matrix infection) was diagnosed.

☠️ Pyometra in bitches and cats is a serious disease that can end your life. .

🏥 The same day was operated urgently and we removed 400gr of pyometra and after 24 hours of hospitalization he was discharged. .

✂️ 🐩 🚿 Today after a few weeks after surgery, he has come to see us, to show us how well the scar is and to be beautiful in our hairdressing salon.

We are delighted of such happy endings!

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