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Castration Without Bleeding

Less Anesthesia Time
Less Postoperative Pain
Less Risk of Infections
Operation Without Bleeding
Without Postoperative Bell
Minimum incisions

Laparoscopic Ovariectomy

In Vet Vida, we want to offer our patients new methods and surgical techniques, therefore, in females, we offer the possibility of performing laparoscopic sterilization. It is an innovative technique where there is no impact on the abdomen, there are no internal sutures or bleeding. Recovery is excellent, pain is minimal, less anesthetic time, they do not need a bell and medications, cures and the risk of infection are reduced. It is done through a camera that enters the abdomen through a minimal incision and cauterizes the ovarian veins and then removes the ovaries without suturing or causing painful stimuli. Without a doubt, the future in veterinary medicine.

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